How Can You Care–a Poem Written by Tashea Alonzo (



How can you care, when the one who claims to love you makes you cry

How can you care, when the one who says he’ll be there for you in reality is really not

How can you care, if the one who supposed to support you does the things of the ones who hate

How can you care, when all you do is judge instead of trying to correlate

Why should I care if a man who says he’s a man isn’t really a man at all

You call her a hoe you call her a bitch, she falls down, but somehow manages to get back up, but how many times will you allow yourself to fall

How can you care?

How can you dare say you love her, and treat her the way that you do?

It’s a lie, its fake, and she refuses to keep drowning in your own twisted selfishness

Your own twisted need to make everything about you

Its time she live for her for once and that’s exactly what she plans to do

Know your worth, I know who I am

I know I will be somebody with or without a boy who claims he’s a man …